20 Commonly Forgotten Wedding Planning Details


  1. Have BREAKFAST, feed your bridal party too. 
  2. Emergency kit: makeup for touchups, safety pins, bobby pins, rescue flats etc. 
  3. Overnight bag. Make sure it’s pre-packed and in your veh or an assigned designate. (Don’t 4get this in the hotel).
  4. Handkerchief/ Kleenex – Something to dab your tears or sweat and keep you dry
  5. Cash and ID so you can get into your hotel rm. 
  6. Keep tips ahead of time in an envelope.
  7. Hydrate yourself. Start a few days beforehand and keep hydrating yourself throughout the wedding. 
  8. Eye lash glue – those babies may need to be glued back after a few tears
  9. Bring your invitations, esp if you want them to be part of your wedding photography.
  10. Transportation all the way from the beginning of day to the end; include transportation for your wedding party too. 
  11. Reserved seating signs for your family & wedding party at the first few rows. 
  12. Photo wrangler: get one person from bride & groom’s side who knows most people to wrangle them for family photos. 
  13. Budget appropriately for Vendor overtime Fees. 
  14. Vendor meals – Please do not forget to feed your vendors. 
  15. Music selection. Pick a pro DJ to reduce stress, & select songs from weeks before. 
  16. Marriage license. Assign someone to handle it. You will be surprised how many couples lose their license or forget it at the ceremony venue.
  17. Gift wrangler and vehicle for all the gifts. – Figure out who will be taking your gifts and how they’re going to get them to you. 
  18. Second Outfit(s) – Have your outfits packed and placed with a trusted person heading to the reception.
  19. A Robe or Cover-all to be used whilst getting ready. People incl vendors will be in the same room with you capturing your getting ready moments.
  20. Point person – Designate someone who knows everything about your wedding (vendors, timeline, etc.) so you can enjoy your wedding day. aka Your Wedding Planner.

Adeola Damie

Lead Wedding Planner

Celebration Events Mgmt